Accommodation and FACILITIES

Each of our three luxury glamping tents are named after some of the most common trees we have on our farm, Hawthorn, Oak & Willow. 

Each bell tent is beautifully appointed with luxury furnishings, cotton bed linens and a wood burning stove to ensure your warm and cozy. Lighting and power is provided in the form of two bed side lights with USB ports for phone and tablet charging. 

Every tent is accompanied by a private kitchen,bar, en-suite and wood fired hot tub.

Our kitchen and bars have everything you may need including a gas hob, glassware, dishware pots/pans, toaster, kettle, fridge, hot and cold running water and a power socket. 

Your en-suite is equipped with underfloor heating, towels, dressing gowns, toilet, sink, mirror, hairdryer and shower. 

Our tents are all unique, not just interiors but also with what they offer on the exterior. Take a peek at each tent to get a feel for which of our plots would suit your needs for your luxury escape most.

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