We have taken every step to make your stay as comfortable and luxurious as we can. Hawthorn is equipped with unique bespoke interior decor, soft furnishings and beautiful plants. Our kitchen areas giving you everything you need to cook up a treat on your stay, and a shower room, heated for your comfort with all the amenities a hotel would have ordinarily provided.

Hawthorn is sat nestled within the land and surrounded natural hawthorn hawthorn trees, in autumn the berries are beautiful and the spring the blossom is like confetti. We have added lighting to this plot which will twinkle at night for the ultimate romantic ambience.

Each stay is unique, if you want to switch off from life this is the perfect place to do it, immerse yourself in nature and the surroundings. Or you can get involved in the local pubs/restaraunts - your stay is adaptable to you.

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